“LIYA” is the unique interpretation of natural and modern creativity.  The designs  are inspired by the harmonisation of traditional east and modern west. 
Our principles are making clothes that work together with sophisticated design and silhouettes. The exclusive materials and beautiful tailoring guarantees clothing  of the high standard for customer of distinction.




                                              LIYA  SS  2018  CAMPAIGN -  B R E E Z E

                                  LIYA CELEBRATION 2017 CAMPAIGN -  M I G R A T I O N 

                                LIYA MID SEASON 2017 CAMPAIGN -  E X P L O R I N G 


                                      LIYA CELEBRATION 2016 CAMPAIGN - TRANQUIL 

                                LIYA CELEBRATION 2015 CAMPAIGN - THERE MAY BE LIGHT  
                              LIYA SPRING SUMMER 2015 CAMPAIGN -  A  WALK IN NATURE